It’s a story of commitment, not only to being at the forefront of innovation but also to family and tradition. Kemon is true to itself and visionary: hair fashion becomes a lifestyle choice and the products an expert blend of science and nature. Beauty is uniqueness and melds substance and form, like the two sides of the same coin.


We are more than hair care, we are a community.

#kemonculture was founded by Team USA to bring to life the very culture, support and education you deserve. With a foundation based in truth, honesty, transparency, and integrity, Kemon exemplifies stability, dependability, support and innovation. With a strong vision of the future and respect to our environment, Kemon strives to inspire through product offerings and services.

Professional and salons wanting to order Kemon, we are launching our newest program, DIAMOND PARTNER. All new customers that we accept will be DIAMOND PARTNERS.

A reliable and gentle system:
a natural touch for healthy locks and intense, long-lasting tones.

Yo Color System is a complete wellness treatment, a soft yoghurt-based mixture with certified organic ingredients.

The harmony of nature at the service of your hair.

Classic hair color enriched with coconut oil. Cramer has been the story of hair color since 1965; a vast array of shades and colors to express yourself throughout your life. 50 years of research, evolution and reliability.


Bleaching and colouring
beyond the limits of creativity

Professional and complete hair bleaching system for all types of hair.
Ultra gentle and immediately effective: hair is healthy, highlights intense and colour results extreme.

Professional Growth

As a result of its more than fifty years of experience working exclusively in the professional hairstyling sector, Kemon is a highly specialized company that is completely dedicated to the professional growth of stylists.