Classic hair color enriched with coconut oil. Cramer has been the story of hair color since 1965; a vast array of shades and colors to express yourself throughout your life. 50 years of research, evolution and reliability.

Nourishing and
and emollient properties

Coconut Oil provides protection, preventing excessive dehydration and making the colour treatment emollient and gentle.



That is what color clients want for their hair: long-lasting, impeccable results, uniform colors from roots to ends and maximum coverage of grey hair.

It’s the solution for many hairdressers: a classic hair color that is quick and easy to apply and delivers color accuracy and high-performance, ensuring maximum coverage of even color-resistant grey hair.


Permanent hair colour with a creamy texture in tubes 100 ml.

Delivers long-lasting, impeccable results and maximum coverage of stubborn, hard to cover grey hair.

97 intermixable shades divided into 22 colour series.

Easy Guide Cramer Color


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