Professional Growth

As a result of its more than fifty years of experience working exclusively in the professional hairstyling sector, Kemon is a highly specialised company that is completely dedicated to the professional growth of stylists.

The primary tool for this profession is services, which Kemon has conceived and developed to increase the stylists’ skills and encourage their professional evolution.  Kemon provides professional support to stylists by sharing its expertise through training seminars that provide them with in-depth and specialised knowledge.  Our training is certified with a management system that guarantees quality: all our hairdressing teachers are selected based on pre-established requisites (experience, ability and skill) and participate  in refresher courses on a regular basis.


We are more than hair care, we are a community.

#kemonculture was founded by Team USA to bring to life the very culture, support and education you deserve. With a foundation based in truth, honesty, transparency, and integrity, Kemon exemplifies stability, dependability, support and innovation. With a strong vision of the future and respect to our environment, Kemon strives to inspire through product offerings and services.