A reliable and gentle system:
a natural touch for healthy locks and intense, long-lasting tones.

Yo Color System is a complete wellness treatment, a soft yoghurt-based mixture with certified organic ingredients.

The harmony of nature at the service of your hair.

Reliable and Gentle


Yo Color System is a cosmetic treatment developed to satisfy the various needs of colour-treated hair at the base, mid-shaft and ends. Thanks to the synergistic and localized action of the three products, it delivers extraordinarily intense, brilliant and long-lasting results.

The gentle ammonia and PPD-free formulas protect the health of the hair, respecting its structure.

Discover the Advantages


  • Colour becomes a real treatment
  • Synergistic and localized application
  • Total respect for scalp and hair
  • Ease of use and maximum comfort during application and processing
  • Excellent results:  gentleness, coverage and lasting shine:

gentleness coverage lasting colour brilliance

Easy Guide Yo Color System


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